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【Before booking】

We do not have staff who can speak foreign fanguages.

The ingredients used to write the menu are too rare and translation software does not work well.Ingredients  may be availabie at the last minute on the day andmay be changed.

If there is no explanation, it seem that you do not know what you are eating and how much the ingredients are worth.

The ingreients we use are not commonly distnbuted ingredients.I will find it for you.

For that reason, we have prepared an interpeting service to provide the best possible space.

However,we oniy have one interpreter,so please make a reservation for the interpreter service as soon as possible, as we will need to make a reservation in advance.

In that case, please prepare ¥10,000 in cash and pay it directly to the interpreter on the day.


                                      ancient peach

A peach that is said to have been eaten by Son Goku in the Chinese biography journey to the West, and that it gave him eternal youth and longevity.


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